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Search for the Truth

This book is the result of a 15-year effort to bring the scientific evidence for creation into public view.  Newly updated and expanded, the third printing contains summaries of the latest creation research.  Search for the Truth is a compilation of almost 100 individual articles summarizing every aspect of the creation model for our origin.

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A Closer Look at the Evidence

This book offers unique evidence, primarily scientific, for the existence of our Creator. Arranged in an enjoyable devotional format, this 408 page book starts each day with yet another reason to trust Godís word. It is organized into 26 different subject areas and draws from over 50 expert sources. Each page highlights awe-inspiring examples of Godís incredible handiwork.

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By His Word

We are on the verge of legitimizing homosexual "marriage"; we cannot mention Jesus in public schools (except as a curse word); and every reminder of our Christian foundation is systematically being removed from public view. Why is our culture increasingly rejecting it's Christian foundation? What caused the Christian Church to lose its moral authority? How can we make Jesus more relevant in today's technology driven world? What can the Church do to restore America's moral compass?

By His Word is a wake up call to America's churches. Written for a Christian audience, it reveals the underlying cause and solution to our nation's moral slide.

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