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The Power of the Holy Spirit Studies by Don DeWelt
Bible Study Textbook Series
Tracts by Joe Garman
Ministers Minutes by Rod Farthing
Devotions, Bible Helps on Given Blakely's Word of Truth Web Site
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College Press's The Bible Study Textbook Series - Click here to see.

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* Click on "ABA Courses" to find our foundational on-line Bible courses  -  Five English and all eight in Spanish.  We encourage you to study them and take the on-line exams.
* There is also an ever-growing number of excellent Biblical resources available for you.

ABARC  thanks COLLEGE PRESS of Joplin, Mo, along with others, for providing many of our in-depth resource materials.

ABARC is indebted to the authors who have contributed to this website. Please always provide a credit line for the author and copy/download material in its original format.

 Now you can search ABARC's website for specific books and authors! 

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ABA Courses

To download a course, select one of the following
 NEW! The courses listed below (Spanish now included!!) now have interactive tests!!!

         Spanish Courses

Other Great Resources

College Press' Bible Study Textbook Series (Green books)
College Press' 13 Lessons Series

If You Want To Preach by Don DeWelt

YOU Can Understand The BIBLE by Grayson Harter Ensign

Books translated into the Russian language!


Books Written by Donald G. Hunt

Typology by George Faull

Books by Wilbur S. Johnson  
               Faith Alive
               God Calls Us to Maturity not Perfection
               The Holy Spirit Applied

Books by Herbert C. Casteel
               Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
               The Drums of Moloch

Search For The Truth books by Search For The Truth Ministries

Double Exposure by Victor and Evelyn Knowles

Learning From God's Word by Seth Wilson and Lynn Gardner

Minor Prophets Acrostics

The Power of the Holy Spirit by Don DeWelt (Now includes all 4 volumes)

Preaching Through the Bible by Edwin V. Hayden

God's Blueprint for Leadership by Danny Camp

God's Blueprint for Leadership - Correspondence Course

Whole Bible Study Course  by Joseph Hill
This is a classic study of all 66 books.  Each year has 52 lessons, each with their own commentary and questions.  All seven years of the study are now available. You can download each quarter separately.  The size of each quarter ranges from 230 to 350 KB in Rich Text format. 
* Year 1 covers the Pentateuch, Genesis thru Deuteronomy.
* Year 2 covers Joshua thru Psalms 78.
* Year 3 covers Psalms 103 thru Matthew 9.
* Year 4 covers  Matthew 10 through Acts 9.
* Year 5 covers Acts 10 through II Corinthians 1, with bonus lessons on Christ's
    First Coming and Tithing.
* Year 6 covers covers II Corinthians 1 through II Timothy 4.
Year 7 covers Titus 1 through Revelation 22.

Boyce Mouton's Books (Spanish and English Writings)
  A Different Kind of Miracle by Boyce Mouton
Boyce Mouton
LAW AND FAITH by Boyce Mouton

33 Prophecies Fulfilled in One Day by Bob Martin

What Christ Taught by William B. Gulick

  A Study in the Life of Christ

  Christian Foundations by Kerry Decker
                          (read license agreement)

Ready to Give an Answer by Rick Deighton

IBS Bible Studies by Carl Anderson:
     Introduction to IBS Studies
Good News The Book   New Life
Lessons Lessons and Questions (in book format) Lessons
Questions Questions
Grading Key for all three


So Your Child Wants To Be Baptized
  by Rod Farthing, Larry Farthing, and Rod Beheler
This is a helpful guide for parents and others in guiding children who are reaching the age of accountability and desiring to make Christ Jesus their Lord and Savior.  It is also a helpful study to anyone wanting to study the important scriptures basic to becoming a Christian.

Ministers' Minutes by Rod Farthing

My Favorite Revival Sermons
by Reggie Thomas

My Favorite Missionary Sermons
by Reggie Thomas

Special Study on Baptism
(Combined from ABA Courses)
by Jack Cottrell

Special Study on Works of the Flesh and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit
by Kenny Boles
Special Study on Philemon by Kenny Boles
Special Study on The Word Dwelt Among Us by Seth Wilson

Great Gospel Tracts by Joe R. Garman

Read through the Whole Bible in a Year
We invite you to follow this schedule for systematic Bible reading to read the Whole Bible in a year.

Personal Worship Series by Don DeWelt
  Volume 1
  Volume 2  
  Volume 3
  Volume 4
  Volume 5
  Volume 6
  Volume 7 

Special Study - Help for Continuing Your Personal Worship
    By Don DeWelt
    (Taken from Personal Worship Series Volume 2)  
Special Study - How to Maintain Personal Worship without Relapses
    By Don DeWelt
    (Taken from Personal Worship Series Volume 5)
Special Study - The Prayer Life of Jesus
    By Tommy Kelton
    (Taken from Personal Worship Series Volume 6)
Special Study - The Prayer Life of the Apostolic Church
    By Tommy Kelton
    (Taken from Personal Worship Series Volume 7)

The Church in the Bible  by Don DeWelt

Two Images by Boyce Mouton

Kingdom Business Leadership  by George H. Myers, Ph.D.

Granddad's Money Camp  by George H. Myers, Ph.D.

New Testament Studies by Bill DeLaughter
Old Testament Studies
by Bill DeLaughter

The Word of Truth Website, The Internet ministry of Given O. Blakely

Click for FREE Bibles, Bible Software, Online Bibles and much more!


The Silent Sermon

Spanish Resources

Folletos en Español (Spanish tracts)



 Click Here for more Spanish Resources!!

Resources by Boyce Mouton:
Books in Spanish by Boyce Mouton
   LAS CREDENCIALES by Boyce Mouton
   Un Milagro Distinto por Boyce Mouton
   DOS IMÁGENES por Boyce Mouton
    UNA VOZ por Boyce Mouton

    LA LEY Y LA FE  por Boyce Mouton
    LA LEY Y EL AMOR  por Boyce Mouton

    LA LEY Y LA GRACIA  por Boyce Mouton




                Boyce Mouton's Website:


Christian Foundations by Kerry Decker
     in American Spanish
     in Mexican Spanish

        (read license agreement)





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